Helpful Tips

Some Helpful Tips

Things You Can Do to Lengthen the Life of Your appliances and systems

  1. Clean or Replace Dirty Filters: A dirty or clogged filter will cause your appliance to work harder, wasting energy and affecting your monthly heating costs. If you have a washable filter, simply remove it, clean it and make sure it’s completely dry before you reinstall it.
    * Tip: Try and get in the habit of checking your filter on a monthly basis, to reduce any possible internal Damage.
  2. Let the Air Flow: Make sure not to block off any of your return registers or grills with furniture or clutter. It’s a good idea to check for lint, dust or pet hair that may get caught and obstruct the air flow preventing fire.
    * Tip: You can always close registers (but no more than 2 or 3 at a time) in rooms you don’t use as often to redirect the warm or cool air to the more used parts of your home.
  3. The Benefits of a Well Kept Lawn: Heat pumps and air conditioning units require unrestricted airflow to work properly. Keep outdoor areas surrounding your unit clear of any debris, overgrown shrubs or storage items.
    * Tip: Get into the habit of checking the unit for any leaves or grass clippings that may have been pulled in. Use a regular garden hose to loosen and remove debris from air conditioning coil.
  4. Stand It On Level Ground: Be sure the ground under your unit is level. The earth shifts especially during our wet winter months here in British Columbia. Checking the unit annually to make sure it’s still level and able to drain properly will help keep it running properly extending its life.
  5. Ask the Expert: If you think something is wrong, call an expert. Trying to fix an unfamiliar unit by internet video help can be costly and dangerous. You can trust the qualified staff at Northwind to keep you safe.